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·        Used to help remove mouthpieces from trumpets & tubas.
·        Put one on the console of your SUV and your cell phone won't slide forward when stopping
·        Put one under your desk fan and it will stop that annoying rattle from the base.
·        Great for holding hot or cold drinks.
·        Cut tiny slits in one, and put in your potted plants to help retain moisture and keep weeds out.
·        Helps to open "child-proof' bottles.
·        Place around a needle so it pulls through easier while sewing.
·        Use to twist sprinkler devices, and separate the hoses.
·        Wrap around a butcher knife handle to avoid slipping.
·        Use for extra grip to help remove the oil filter in a car.
·        When squeezing juice, place under juicer to keep from sliding.
·        Place a jar opener between the rod and the tile to keep your shower curtain from falling.
·        Use a jar opener and a sheet metal screw to plug a leak in a water line until a plumber can
      make a repair.
·        Works great for shucking oysters!
·        Place a clove of garlic in the jar opener. Roll on counter. The skin comes right off.
·        Place a jar opener on a seat of a high chair to keep the baby from sliding down in the chair.
·        Place a jar opener under a pet's food bowl. This prevents the bowl from "traveling" around
      the kitchen floor.
·        A jar opener is good for removing stuck light bulbs.
·        Use as a trivet at a picnic.
·        Opens jars or bottles of course!
·        Holds the telephone when hands are slippery.
·        Holds a cake in place on a counter while frosting.
·        Put small pieces under frame edges to protect walls.
·        Place a jar opener under a laptop computer to prevent sliding.
·        A jar opener makes a great glass and cup coaster for your desk.
·        Jar openers make great liners for drawers and makeup baskets.
·        Use to unscrew the bottom of the blender to wash it.
·        Works great under a cutting board to keep it from slipping when slicing veggies.
·        In a pinch, use as an emergency lint remover.
·        Place in between iron skillets when storing so they don't rust.
·        What better than a mouse pad?
·        Place jar opener under chair legs to keep chair from sliding.
·        Place jar opener under table leg to help balance table.
·        Keep in your car to help loosen up lug nuts on the tire wheel when you have to change a tire.
·        Forget paper, use jar opener as a modern day business card.
·        Works perfect for holidays when put under your turkey plate when you are carving to keep
      the platter from sliding around.
·        Jar openers are the new hot soap dishes so your soap doesn't slide off the bathtub.
·        It gives you a good grip on a screwdriver for removing screws.
·        Place under a throw rug to keep it from sliding on tile.
·        Use it to remove rubber sole shoe stains and marks from linoleum floors.
·        As an insole, it stops feet from sliding around in your shoe.
·        They are especially useful for opening nail polish!
·        When installing a new DVD player, use to twist off cable cords.
·        Place under a plants to prevent discolored wood.
·        Use to grip and carry heavy suitcases.
·        Place under radar detector on your dashboard.
·        Use to loosen a chuck key when inserting bits in a drill.
·        Put under a standing picture frame to prevent sliding tables.
·        Keep in a child's drawer to stop marbles from sliding around.
·        When using an electric mixer, place under a sliding bowl.
·        Hold a bottle with a jar opener to keep your hand warm and the bottle cold.
·        Use under a plant so it won't fall off a stand when bumped.
·        When transporting a hot bowl on a plate, put a jar opener on a plate and the bowl 
      on the jar opener so it won't slide around.
·        While outside, place over your cup of tea so bugs won't fly in.
·        Works good as a spare drainer stopper in the tub.
·        When transporting your bike on the back of the car, place a jar opener under the legs
      of the rack to prevent paint chipping.
·        It's comfortable as an insole in shoes.
·        Works as a safety measure under a ladder to prevent slipping.
·        For those that put things on your speakers, helps to put under your objects to prevent
      them from falling off when vibrating.